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The Meating Place: Where Quality Meats Tradition Since 1968

Nestled in the heart of Boca Raton, The Meating Place is more than just a butcher shop; it's a timeless institution where tradition meets quality. For over half a century, this old-fashioned butcher shop has been serving prime black Angus beef, no hormone or antibiotic poultry, Berkshire pork, domestic lamb, fresh seafood, and gourmet prepared foods. Established in 1968, The Meating Place is your go-to destination for top-notch prime meats and gourmet culinary delights. In this blog post, we invite you to explore the rich history, the exceptional offerings, and the personalized service that sets this establishment apart.


A Legacy of Quality

Since its inception in 1968, The Meating Place has been unwavering in its commitment to quality. The cornerstone of this business has always been the relationship with its customers. It's not just a butcher shop; it's a place where you get to know the faces behind the counter. Personalized service isn't just a motto; it's a way of life here. Whether you're an accomplished gourmet chef or a novice in the kitchen, The Meating Place has something special for you.


Prime Meats

The Meating Place takes great pride in offering prime black Angus beef. This premium beef is known for its marbling and tenderness, making it a favorite for steak connoisseurs. With a keen eye for quality and a dedication to sourcing the best cuts, you can trust that the meat you take home from this establishment is of the highest caliber.


All-Natural Poultry

When it comes to poultry, The Meating Place does not compromise on quality. Their poultry is free from hormones and antibiotics, ensuring that your family enjoys the very best. Whether it's for a weeknight dinner or a special occasion, their selection of poultry is sure to impress.


Berkshire Pork

The Berkshire pork offered by The Meating Place is renowned for its rich, succulent flavor. These heritage-breed pigs are known for their exceptional meat quality. Whether you're preparing a classic roast or experimenting with a new recipe, you'll appreciate the superior taste and texture that Berkshire pork brings to your table.


Fresh Seafood

In addition to prime meats, The Meating Place also offers a wide selection of fresh seafood. From salmon to shrimp, their seafood is as fresh as it gets. The Meating Place ensures that you have access to the finest seafood, making it easy to create a restaurant-quality seafood feast in the comfort of your home.


Gourmet Prepared Foods

For those days when you're too busy to cook or simply want a gourmet treat, The Meating Place has you covered. Their chef-prepared gourmet foods are created daily by world-renowned professional chefs. Whether it's dinner for two, party platters for a gathering, or a holiday feast, their prepared meals are sure to delight your taste buds.


A Showplace for Prime Meats and Gourmet Prepared Foods

The Meating Place isn't just a butcher shop; it's a showplace for prime meats and gourmet prepared foods. The moment you step through the door, you're greeted by the enticing aromas of quality meats and delicious dishes being prepared. The experienced chefs at The Meating Place take great pride in using the highest-quality ingredients to craft culinary masterpieces for you and your loved ones.


Established in 1968, The Meating Place has stood the test of time by maintaining its commitment to quality and personalized service. It's the place where you can truly get to know your butcher, and where you can rely on the finest prime meats and gourmet prepared foods. Whether you're seeking top-tier cuts of meat, fresh seafood, or chef-prepared dishes, The Meating Place in Boca Raton is your ultimate destination for culinary excellence. Experience the legacy of tradition and quality – visit The Meating Place today.

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